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    Malmö and Uppsala, Sweden

Services and Consulting

We provide software design and development services and technical expertise within the field of graphics intensive applications and games for embedded systems, such as Android and iPhone.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have an interesting and challenging problem to solve!


Founded in 2010, we have been pushing the envelope on computer graphics and invented graphics benchmarks and games.

Our first effort was the popular benchmark Nenamark which compared android devices using OpenGL|ES 2.0. Nenamark2 followed its predecessor with more advanced features, adapted to the technology of 2012. We discovered that the pace of development of 3d grpahics is such that any scene will be outdated within the year which lead to the idea of an adaptive benchmark that continously grows more complex until the system cannot handle it any more. This lead up to Nenamark3!

Our driving force is passion for embedded systems and their convergence with desktop and specialized systems!